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The board consists of the following members: a chairman, two deputy chairmen, and a cashier.

Chairman: PD Dr. habil. Hans Günter Brauch (Political scientist, historian)
Project leader of AFES-PRESS. Since 1989 guest professorships at the Universities of Frankfurt on Main, Leipzig and Greifswald and at the Teacherís Training College of Erfurt/Mühlhausen, D.
Research areas: International relations, peace research, European security, disarmament, environment, climate and energy policy, environment and security linkages, global change and disaster reduction issues with a focus on the Mediterranean region..

Deputy chairman Prof. Dr. John Grin (Political scientist, physicist), Institute for Political Science, Amsterdam University, NL
Research areas: Policy analysis, technology assessment. peace research.

Deputy chairman: Adj. Prof. Dr. Czeslaw Mesjasz (Economist),
Adj. Prof. for Management,
Cracow University of Economics and Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
Research areas: Management, security policy. peace research.

Cashier: Thomas Bast (technical editor, book production, webdesign)

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