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The Hague Workshop, 9-11 September 2004

Canterbury Workshop 2001

Previous conferences (1985-1998)


Netherlands Congress Centre, The Hague
SEPTEMBER 9-11, 2004


Main Themes

  • International Relations Theory meets International Law

  • The European Union meets New Members

  • Anarchy meets Hierarchy

Organisational details by the organisers (call for papers, registration, programme, accommodation)

Section 31: AFES-PRESS Workshop

Reconceptualising Security in an Era of Globalisation



Hans Günter Brauch, Otto-Suhr-Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Freie Universität Berlin



John Grin, University of Amsterdam
Czeslaw Mesjasz, Economic University of Cracow and Jagiellonian University


Additional information by the convernors of this AFES-PRESS Workshop.

4th Pan-European Conference at the
University of Kent at Canterbury U.K.
8-10 September, 2001

During the fourth Pan-European conference in Canterbury:
H. G. Brauch (AFES-PRESS) co-organised a workshop that resulted in a book edited by:

Brauch, Hans Günter; Liotta P.H.; Marquina, Antonio; Rogers, Paul; Selim, Mohammad El-Sayed (Eds.): Security and Environment in the Mediterranean - Conceptualising Security and Environmental Conflict, Hexagon Series No. 1; Collection STRADEMED No. 16 (Berlin - Heidelberg - New York: Springer-Verlag).
For details

3rd Pan-Europen Conference in Vienna
September 1998

During the third Pan-European conference in Vienna
H. G. Brauch (AFES-PRESS) co-organised a workshop that resulted in a book edited by:

H.G. Brauch, A. Marquina, A. Biad (Eds.) with the cooperation of Peter H. Liotta: Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the 21st Century
(London: Macmillan und New York: St. Martin's Press, June 2000).[]
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AFES-PRESS has so far organised the following
scientific conferences:


1st AFES Conference: Arms competition in space (Weil der Stadt)
2nd AFES Conference: SDI and European security (Weil der Stadt)


3rd AFES Conference: Aspects of European security (Mosbach-Neckarelz)


4th AFES Conference: Strategic Stability Weapons Technology Arms Control (Mosbach-Neckarelz)


5th AFES-PRESS Conference: Military Doctrine and Arms Control (Mosbach-Neckarelz); publication: AFES-PRESS Report No 29


6th AFES-PRESS Conference: Verfication and arms control  (Mosbach-Neckarelz); publication: AFES-PRESS Report No 35, 36


7th AFES-PRESS Control of armament research and of the development of dual use arms technologies (Mosbach- Neckarelz); publication: AFES-PRESS Report No 45


AFES-PRESS-UNISCI Workshop: Confidence building and Partnership in the Western Mediterranean (Mosbach); publication: AFES-PRESS Report No 51


Joint workshop on Confidence Building Measures in the Mediterranean at the Third Pan-European International Relations Conference and Joint Meeting with the International Studies Association, Vienna, 16-19 September 1998

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