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In this section you will find texts (conference papers, slides of talks, power point presentations and publications) of AFES-PRESS board members, AFES-PRESS partners and of associated Ph.D. candidates. These texts may be downloaded and used for personal and scientific purposes only.


The copyright remains with the authors. For copyright reasons it is not permitted to store these texts in data bases, to use them for commercial purposes, or to post them on other websites. However, links to these papers on other websites are possible with the permission of AFES-PRESS.

AFES-PRESS Advisory Board

AFES-PRESS Board Members

  • Brauch, Hans Günter (Germany)

  • Grin, John (in preparation) (The Netherlands)

  • Mesjasz, Czeslaw (in preparation) (Poland)


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the scientific papers on this website do not represent the official political views of the European Commission, nor do they express any policy perspective of the GMOSS Network or of AFES-PRESS. They reflect solely the individual views of the authors and they are made available solely as a contribution to the international scientific discourse.


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