Dr. John Grin,
Deputy Chairman

Curriculum vitae

John Grin is a professor a titre personnel in policy science. After obtaining a MSc. in physics and social studies of science at the VU University, Amsterdam, he obtained his Ph.D. at the same university on a dissertation Military-technological choices and political implications (Amsterdam/New York, 1990). In later work at the VU University and at Princeton University, he focused on the relations between international stability, arms control, military technology and strategic planning and the changes therein accompanying the transition to a post-Cold War security system. Grin is a deputy-chairman of the Working Group on European Security and Peace Studies (Mosbach, FRG) as well as the Study Group on Alternative Security Policy (Berlin, FRG).
Since 1992, when he joined the University of Amsterdam's Department of Political Science, he has been involved in realizing a (largely externally funded) research programme on governance of socio-technological development. His research agenda focuses on the reflexive modernisation of socio-technological regimes, such as the transition from current intensive to sustainable agriculture, or to a more user-oriented health care system. Theoretically, it integrates insights from sociology, political science and social studies of science and technology to understand practices in which systemic innovations are being conceived and instigated, and the mutual impact between these practices and the existing regime.
His research programme is largely externally funded by a wide range of agencies and organisations including the German Research Foundation, the Department of the Environment in the Hague, the Department for International Co-operation in the Hague, the Rathenau Institute and of the Büro für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung of the German Bundestag (the Dutch and the German offices for parliamentary TA, respectively), the Interdepartmental Office for Sustainable Technological Development, The Dutch Collegium for Health Care Insurances, and the Dutch Foundation on Pure Research (NWO).

John Grin is directing a post-graduate course on system innovation, and responsible for the governance research cluster of a knowledge network on system innovation comprising ten universities and a range of practitioners. Some recent publications are John Grin & Armin Grunwald (eds., 2000). Vision Assessment: Shaping Technology in 21st century society. Heidelberg etc.: Springer Verlag; R. Hoppe, M. Jeliazkova, H. van de Graaf & J. Grin (1998). Beleidsnota's die (door)werken. Handleiding voor geslaagde beleidsvoorbereiding. Bussum: Countinho; Hans Günter Brauch, Henk van de Graaf, John Grin & Wim Smit (1997). Militärtechnikfolgenabschätzung und Präventive Rüstungskontrolle. Institutionen, Verfahren und Instrumente. Münster: LIT Verlag; Rob Hoppe & John Grin (eds.), Special Issue on Interactive Technology Assessment of Industrial and Environmental Crisis Quarterly vol. 9 (1995) no. 1.

Some recent publications

  • Rob Hoppe & John Grin (1998): “Traffic goes through the TA machine. A culturalist comparison between approaches and outputs of six parliamentarian technology assessment agencies' traffic and transport studies”, to be published in Norman Vig & Herbert Passchen (eds.), Parliaments and Technology: the Development of Technology Assessment in Europe. SUNY Press, New York (ca. 35 pp., to appear).
  • John Grin, Henk van de Graaf, Rob Hoppe (1997): With a contribution by Peter Groenewegen, Technology Assessment through Interaction [translation into English of the Dutch original: Interactieve Technology Assessment. Een eerste gids voor wie het wagen wil.] Den Haag: Rathenau Instituut; W57. (106 pp., ISBN 90 346 3433 7).
  • John Grin & Henk van de Graaf (1997): “Implementation as communicative action. An interpretive understanding of interactions between policy actors and target groups”, in: Policy Sciences vol. 29, no. 4, p. 291-319.
  • John Grin (1997): “Technikfolgenabschätzung und Entwicklung von Energiezukünften: Beispiele computerunterstützter Analysen”,  in: Hans Günter Brauch (Hrsg.):  Energiepolitik. Technische Entwicklung, politische Strategien, Handlungskonzepte zu erneuerbaren Energien und zur rationeller Energienutzung, Berlin-Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, p. 449-460.
  • Hans Günter Brauch, Henk van de Graaf, John Grin, Wim Smit (1997): Militärtechnikfolgenabschätzung und Präventive Rüstungskontrolle. Institutionen, Verfahren und Instrumente. Münster: LIT Verlag (404 pp., ISBN 3-8258-3353-6).
  • Peter Groenewegen, Esther Reijnen, Jo-ella van Rijn, Theo van de Sande, John Grin, Hans van Laar, Carlo Schreurs, Joost Reus, Gea Bouwman (1996): Op weg naar een duurzame gewasbescherming. Eindrapport. (Toward a sustainable crop protection. Final report of an interactivbe TA) Rathenau Instituut, Den Haag; Studie 35. (111 pp., ISBN 90 346 33 438).

Address data


University of Amsterdam, Deptartment of  Political Science,
O.Z. Achterburgwal 237, NL-1012 DL Amsterdam,  Netherlands

Phone  31-20-525 2108/3090

Fax  31-20-525 2086



Buiksloterbreek 78, NL-1034 XD  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone/fax  31-20-632 7161

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