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funded by NATO

NATO Defence Research Fellowship (1987/1988)

Brief Project Description

The research for this report has been conducted under a NATO Research Fellowship that was awarded in April 1986 that enabled the author to visit several NATO capitals and to hold informal off- the record talks with foreign and defence officials. After a brief definition of antiballistic ballistic missiles (ATBMs) and of the concept of strategic stability, the author develops in chapter 3 the historical context for two debates on a European missile defence in 1967-1972 and a second debate since 1983 in the aftermath of President Reagan's SDI project announcement. Chapter 4 analyses the development of the Soviet tactical ballistic missiles systems from 1970-1990, chapter 5 develops a conceptual framework for missile defence in Europe, chapter 6 reviews the political reaction to the proposal for a missile defence in different NATO countries and chapter 7 develops several arms control options for TBMs and ATBMs while chapter 8 offers an evaluation of the different ATBM concepts and Arms control proposals in terms of criteria of strategic stability.

Project Output: Publications

  • Hans Günter Brauch (Ed.): Evaluation of Anti-tactical Ballistic Missile Defense: Technologies and Concepts for NATO Europe in Terms of Strategic Stability. AFES-PRESS Report No. 27. 1989.

Weitere Publikationen:

  • Hans Günter Brauch: "Europäische Raketenabwehr: Eine trügerische Alternative", in: Studiengruppe Alternative Sicherheitspolitik (Hrsg.): Vertrauensbildende Verteidigung - Reform deutscher Sicherheitspolitik, Militärpolitik und Rüstungsbegrenzung, Bd. 10 (Gerlingen: Bleicher-Verlag, 1989): 34-47.
  • Hans Günter Brauch: "Spezialistentreffen: Strategische Stabilität und politische Institutionen des Defense Technology Assessment", in: Hans-Hermann Hartwich (Hrsg.): Macht und Ohnmacht politischer Institutionen (Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, 1989): 490-501.
  • Hans Günter Brauch: "Europe and Strategic Defense: From SDI to TDI", in: Daniel S. Papp und John R. McIntyre (Hrsg.): International Space Policy Legal, Economic, and Strategic Options for the Twentieth Century and Beyond (New York Westport, Connecticut - London: Quorum Books, 1987): 289-307.
  • Hans Günter Brauch: "Defenses Against Tactical Nuclear and Conventional Armed Missiles", in: W. Thomas Wander (Hrsg.): Nuclear and Conventional Forces in Europe: Implications for Arms Control and Security - 1987 Colloquium Reader (Washington: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1987): 93 - 103.
  • Hans Günter Brauch: "From SDI to EDI - Elements of a European Defense Architecture", in: Hans Günter Brauch (Hrsg.): Star Wars and European Defence - Implications for Europe: Perceptions and Assessments (London: Macmillan New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987): 436-499.
  • Hans Günter Brauch: "Implications of SDI/EDI and of Extended Air Defense for Strategic Stability and for the Credibility of Flexible Response", in: Klaus Gottstein (Hrsg.): SDI and Stability. The Role of Assumptions and Perceptions (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 1988): 255-283.
  • Hans Günter Brauch: "SDI: neke Moguc‚ implikacije po Evropu", in: Nase Teme SDI Strategisdjska Obrambena Inicijativa, 10 (Zagreb: 1987): 1458 - 1476.

Workshop in Vienna (1998)

Brief Project Description

During the Third Pan-European in September 1998 in Vienna (Austria) Antonio Marquina, Hans Günter Brauch and Abdelwahab Biad organised a panel with five sessions on: "Confidence and Partnership Building Measures in the Mediterranean for the 21st Century". A small NATO grant made the participation of two colleagues from Egypt and Tunisia possible and contributed to the preparation of the camara-ready manuscript and for a detailed index of the book that resulted from the panel.

Project Output: Publications

Hans Günter Brauch; Antonio Marquina; Abdelwahab Biad (Eds.) with the cooperation of Peter Liotta: Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the 21st Century (London: Macmillan und New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000):

Workshop in Canterbury (2001)

Brief Project Description

During the Fourth Pan-European in September 2001 in Canterbury (United Kingdom) Antonio Marquina, Hans Günter Brauch and Mohamad Selim are organising a panel with approximately ten sessions on: "Security and the Environment in the Mediterranean in the 20th Century Conceptualising Security and Environmental Conflicts". A small NATO grant made the participation of colleagues from NATO Mediterranean Dialogue countries possible: i.e. from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. This project is to result in a book to be published in 2002. Additional Information may be obtained on:

  • The programme of the workshop [AFES-PRESS, topical] with additional information on the Canterbury conference and links to the conference papers.

Project Output: Publications

  • Hans Günter Brauch, P. H. Liotta, Antonio Marquina, Paul Rogers, Mohammed Selim (Editors): Security and the Environment in the Mediterranean in the 20th Century Conceptualising Security and Environmental Conflicts (Berlin - Heidelberg: Springer, June 2003). For more information.

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