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Fritz Raff (1948-2001)

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16 April 2007

Policy Memorandum by Scientists regarding the UN Security Council’s first discussion on Climate Change

Climate Change and Human Security

Tomorrow, on 17 April, the U.N. Security Council will discuss climate change for the first time. Since 1999 the Security Council has addressed human security threats and challenges caused by violence and poverty.

This follows the launch on 6 April 2007 of the report of the Working Group II of the IPCC that highlighted the severe impacts climate change will have during this century on humankind, especially on the poor.

This group of scientists suggests a new way of thinking systematically about the links connecting climate change and international, national, and human security.

Climate change undermines livelihoods and well-being of the rural and urban poor in many parts of the world, groups of people already marginalized by national policies and economic globalization. As a result, social discontent and alienation rise. In many countries such discontent has led to populist and military coups in the past. In the future such conflicts may further destabilize whole regions. Ironically, some climate change mitigation and adaptation investments such as large scale forestry and large dams may also displace people, further fueling polariza­tion in societies. All of this is likely to be taking place as geopolitical rela­tions are strained over scarce water resources and the stress of coping with millions of people displaced by a rising sea level.

The co-authors have long international experience working on issues of climate change, disaster risk, social vulnerability, crises, conflicts and security issues as anthropolo­gists, geographers, sociologists, political scien­tists, engineers, lawyers, and health workers. They and are based in Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico, Nepal, UK, and the U.S.

This policy memorandum is for download at:

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21. März 2007

Nachruf des AFES-PRESS Vorstands

Prof. Dr. Georg Zundel (1931-2007)

Gründer und Förderer der Berghofstiftung für Konfliktforschung

English Obituary of the AFES-PRESS Board

Prof. Dr. Georg Zundel (1931-2007)


1. Oktober 2006

Rede von Hans Günter Brauch

zum 75. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Georg Zundel

8. März 2004

Pressekonferenz zu neuem Buch und Bücherhilfeprojekt
Präsentation von Hans Günter Brauch, PDF-Datei

24. September 2003

Aufruf zu einer Spendenaktion für eine Bücherhilfe
für Bibliotheken in Nordafrika und im Nahen Osten,

17. Januar 2003

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter S. Lutz (1949-2003)
Nachruf des AFES-PRESS Vorstands, PDF-Datei

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